The story of the modern Huarache begins in 1930’s Sahuayo, Mexico. Farm-workers would arise for a hard day of work, eat breakfast, and put on some old work clothes. But right before they left the door, they would slip into a pair of Huaraches. Those all-leather Huaraches would keep their feet comfortable until that day came to an end.


But it isn’t just the beautiful people of Sahuayo who have been blessed by the presence of the Huarache. Since the 1930’s, the Mexican ‘Sandal’ has grown in popularity so much that every region now has it’s own styles and designs. In fact, there is no official number on the amount of styles that exist in Mexico.


In the modern day world, Huaraches have become the height of modern fashion. At Itiki we offer traditional Huaraches handmade in Mexico. Our aim is to provide our customers with high end products that are true to Mexico’s history, culture, fashion and future.




Having been born in Mexico City, the traditions and cultures of my home country have continued to linger inside me even long after I moved away from Mexico.


The story begins with My Grandfather. He lived in a beautiful and picturesque town named Villa Corona in the Jalisco countryside. Every time my family and I visited him, he would welcome us with a brand new pair of sandals. We wore those Huaraches until the holiday was over and then often long after.


The sandals that my grandfather gave me were always the same style as his. This made me love getting them even more. My childhood visits to the countryside to visit my adorable grandfather were very special to me. I began to develop a fascination for the art of huaraches production, and I have been wearing these exceptionally comfortable sandals ever since.


My aim is to now bring this comfort and culture to you. I created itiki in the hope that this beautiful memory can inspire fashion trends around the globe, weather for a day at the beach or a strut down the catwalk.


Process and Production


A big part of the craft of Huarache is the art of weaving the upper into the sole from a single strip of leather without the use of glue. Huarache weaving is a unique art and can be used to make dress shoes, sandals and even furniture.


Traditional Huarache designs differ, but are always very simple. They were originally made of all leather; but early designs included both woven string and wooden soles. Later, saddlers and leather workers created more elaborate upper designs.


Modern designs vary in style, from simplistic sandals to a more complex shoe. Both use traditional leather as well as more modern synthetic materials. Many shoes claim to be huaraches, but they are still traditionally only considered a huarache if they are handmade, and have a woven-leather form.


The huaraches we supply are handmade, long lasting and extremely durable in all weather conditions and considerably lighter than most other footwear. Many of our sandals are also unisex and would look excellent on any age or gender.


We use natural freshly made dye for our leather meaning that no two pairs of shoe will ever be EXACTLY the same. Although the general colour is still the same, your Huaraches will be unique to you. And as an added bonus, most of women’s sandals is accompanied by a traditional Mexican Huarache charm.


10% of our profits go directly to RSPCA Australia. So when you buy from Itiki you can be sure that you are not only getting the finest quality Huaraches, you are also helping a very worthy charity dear to our hearts.







Build the best  handmade sandals in the world, using Mexican traditional designs as well as fashionable models, crafted with the finest full grain leathers and double lock stitched onto soles made from virtually indestructible rubber sole.


Our Vision is a society wearing Mexican handmade shoes, re-energise your feet with sustainable materials.